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작성자 Steven Yong LYU 작성일20-01-08 17:56 조회6,800회 댓글0건


Dear Kolmar team,
I hope this message would find you very well! My name is Steven and very nice to connect with you over email.
I work for a start-up company in Singapore that creates and grows new beauty and personal care brands for Asian consumers. As the owner of new brands, we are keen to find an ODM partner to bring advanced technology and superior product experience so that we can together create outstanding consumer value. Having visited Kolmar before in your Shanghai office and met some of your senior leadership team, I immediately thought of Kolmar and would like to reach out to you for further discussion and a face-to-face meeting.

Is it possible to meet a few representatives of your sales and R&D team in Shanghai sometime next week from 14th (afternoon onward) to 17th Jan? Happy to introduce more about ourselves and key areas of innovation focus of our brands. It will be very useful to get some better understanding from you on Kolmar technology capabilities / supply network / working process / lead time in our first meeting and we can follow up later with a more detailed and specific briefing on product development.

Kindly let me know if you are available and feel free to suggest a few slots if you are happy to meet in Shanghai, perhaps for 1.5 hours.

Many thanks for your time to go through this and look forward to hearing back from you the soonest. 

Warmest regards,