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Beijing Kolmar provides total service from product development to final products.
Customers can minimize the cost and risk of researching, development and manufacturing and focus on marketing activities.
Our top priority is building trustworthy credit with our customers to be the best partner on cosmetic R&D and manufacturing.

• Marketing Principles

- Principle of one formula for one company As a matter of principle, we provide a unique solution to
  each company, enabling the company to carry out adequate marketing activities.
-Principle of protection of customers¡¯ information As a matter of principle, we do not disclose
 any information related to our customers and formulas.
-Principle of non-disclosure of formula As a matter of principle, we provide integrated know-how and
 independent information helping customer¡¯s marketing activities.

• Benefits from Kolmar Beijing

- Sharing the know-how of each phases from supplying raw materials to providing final products
- Cost saving through the specialization of selling and manufacturing.
- High specialty through technology development
- Downsizing the lot with producing in low volume with diverse items
- Minimizing risk and rapid response through the reduction of life cycle
- Customer prioritized product development which is satisfying the needs and benefit of customer
- Providing total service through the specialized system in marketing and design
- Sharing up-to date trend using the global network of Kolmar group