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Kolmar Korea develops products with high quality based on customer¨s needs by prompt response and joint development with Nihon Kolmar.
Kolmar Korea possesses the best technology and the most approved products in the industry which contributes in trust of Korean cosmetics.
Independent Researches
 and Development

Development of
trend leading ingredients, innovative delivery forms, and new products
Joint Researches and Development
Development with universities, institutes, and Nihon Kolmar
ODM Researches and Development
Development of new ingredients and new products requested by other companies and institutes
The quality is the strength of Kolmar Korea. Kolmar Korea has a strict quality system by
CGMP and ISO9001 to produce better products.
Also Kolmar Korea controls and tests every steps of manufacturing.

Establishment of quality assurance system in advance
Test analysis, DATA control, inspection on packaging, CT for content and components
Building the know-how of quality analysis
Test analysis of bulk and finished products (safety, stability, validity test)
Strict management and field focused process control
Researches of microorganism
Microorganism test on bulk and packaging, preservation test, research on antiseptic, research on bacterial strain
Quality assurance with great facilities
Analysis on ingredients, raw materials, products, new raw materials, titer, effectiveness, and support developing advanced materials